mass distribution ratio, k MEKC in micellar electrokinetic chromatography, in chromatography, in micro-emulsion electrokinetic chromatography
Defined as:
k MEKC = n mc n aq = K · V mc V aq
where n mc and n aq are the chemical amounts of the analyte in the micellar and aqueous phases, respectively, K is the distribution constant and V mc and V aq are the corresponding volumes of the phases.
  1. In the case of an electrically neutral analyte, k MEKC can be calculated directly from the migration times:
    k MEKC = t m − t eo t eo ( 1 − t m t mc )
  2. k MEKC should not be confused with the retention factor (in column chromatography) k. However, k MEKC is analogous to the mass distribution ratio (in chromatography).
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