solvophobicity parameter, \(S_{\textrm{p}}\)
A @S05757@ defined by: \[\mathit{Sp}=1- \frac{M}{M\left(\text{hexadecane}\right)}\] derived from the Gibbs energy of transfer (\(\Delta _{\text{t}}G\text{^{\circ} }\)) of a series of solutes from water to numerous aqueous-organic mixtures and to pure solvents: \[\Delta _{\text{t}}G\text{^{\circ} }\left(\text{to solvent}\right)=M\ R_{\text{T}}+D\] where \(R_{\text{T}}\) is a solute parameter, and \(M\) and \(D\) characterize the solvent. The \(M\) values are used to define a solvent solvophobic effect so that \(S_{p}\) values are scaled from unity (water) to zero (hexadecane).
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