diamond-like carbon films

Diamond-like carbon (DLC) films are hard, amorphous films with a significant fraction of sp3-hybridized carbon atoms and which can contain a significant amount of hydrogen. Depending on the deposition conditions, these films can be fully amorphous or contain diamond crystallites. These materials are not called diamond unless a full three-dimensional crystalline lattice of diamond is proven.
@D01671@-like films without hydrogen can be prepared by carbon ion beam deposition, ion-assisted @S05895@ from @G02684@ or by @L03459@ ablation of @G02684@. @D01671@-like carbon films containing significant contents of hydrogen are prepared by chemical vapour deposition. The hydrogen content is usually over 25 atomic %. The deposition parameters are (low) total pressure, hydrogen @P04420@, precursor molecules and plasma @I03183@. The plasma @A00093@ can be radio frequency, microwave or Ar+ ions. High @I03183@ favours amorphous films while high atomic hydrogen contents favour @D01671@ crystallite formation. Because of the confusion about structure engendered by the term @D01671@-like carbon films, the term @H02741@ films has been suggested as a synonym.
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