Compounds formally derived from an oxoacid RkE(=O)l(OH)m, (l ≠ 0) and an alcohol, phenol, heteroarenol, or enol by linking with formal loss of water from an acidic hydroxy group of the former and a hydroxy group of the latter. By extension acyl derivatives of alcohols, etc. Acyl derivatives of chalcogen analogues of alcohols (thiols, selenols, tellurols) etc. are included. E.g. R'C(=O)(OR), R'C(=S)(OR), R'C(=O)(SR), R'S(=O)2(OR), (HO)2P(=O)(OR), (R'S)2C(=O), ROCN (but not R–NCO) (RH).
O-Alkyl derivatives of other acidic compounds [see @A00266@] may be named as esters but do not belong to the class esters proper. E.g. (Ph)2POCH3 methyl diphenylphosphinite.
See also: acylals, ortho esters, depsides, depsipeptides, glycerides, lactides, lactones, macrolides
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