global analysis
Method for kinetic analysis of time-resolved emission or absorption data.
Typical for the analysis of emission (or transient absorption) data. Upon excitation with a particular @W06659@, @R05045@ of the emission (or transient @A00028@ difference) decays are observed as a function of a @V06600@ parameter, e.g., the observation @W06659@, but otherwise under the same condition. All decays are then analysed together (globally) under the constraint that the @L03515@ of the transient species do not vary with the @V06600@ parameter, e.g., the observation @W06659@ in the given example. @L03515-1@-associated spectra (LAS), also called decay-associated spectra (DAS), are thus obtained. In the case of transient absorption data, the resulting spectra are often called @L03515-2@-associated difference spectra (LADS).
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