heat capacity of activation, \(\Delta ^{\ddagger}C_{p}^{\,\unicode{x26ac}}\)

A quantity related to the temperature coefficient of Δ‡H (enthalpy of activation) and Δ‡S (entropy of activation) according to the equations: \[\Delta ^{\ddagger}C_{p} = (\frac{\partial \Delta ^{\ddagger }H}{\partial T})_{p}=T\ (\frac{\partial \Delta ^{\ddagger }S}{\partial T})_{p}\] If the rate constant is expressible in the form \[\ln k = \frac{a}{T}+b+c\ \ln T + \text{d}T,\] then: \[\Delta ^{\ddagger}C_{p} = (c - 1)\ R+2\ \text{d}(R\ T)\] SI unit: J mol-1 K-1.
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