molar absorption coefficient, \(\varepsilon\)

Also contains definition of: molar decadic absorption coefficient
absorbance divided by the absorption pathlength, l, and the amount concentration, c: \[\varepsilon(\lambda) = \frac{1}{c\, l}\, \text{lg}\! \left ( \frac{P_{\lambda}^{0}}{P_{\lambda}}\right ) = \frac{A(\lambda)}{c\, l}\] where P λ 0 and P λ are, respectively, the incident and transmitted spectral radiant power.
  1. The term @M03973@ for molar @A00037@ should be avoided.
  2. In common usage for l/cm and c/mol dm-3 (M), ɛ(λ) results in dm3 mol-1 cm-1 (M-1 cm-1, the most commonly used unit), which equals 0.1 m2 mol-1 (coherent SI units).
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