uniform polymer

A polymer composed of molecules uniform with respect to relative molecular mass and constitution.
  1. A polymer comprising a mixture of @L03546@ and @B00721@, all of uniform @R05271@, is not uniform.
  2. A @C01335@ comprising linear molecules of uniform @R05271@ and uniform elemental composition but different sequential arrangements of the various types of @M04018@, is not uniform (e.g. a @C01335@ comprising molecules with a random arrangement as well as a @B00682@ arrangement of monomeric units).
  3. A polymer uniform with respect only to either @R05271@ or @C01282@ may be termed 'uniform', provided a suitable qualifier is used (e.g. 'a polymer uniform with respect to @R05271@').
  4. The adjectives 'monodisperse' and 'polydisperse' are deeply rooted in the literature, despite the former being non-descriptive and self-contradictory. They are in common usage and it is recognized that they will continue to be used for some time; nevertheless, more satisfactory terms are clearly desirable. After an extensive search for possible replacements, the terms 'uniform' and 'non-uniform' have been selected and they are now the preferred adjectives.
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