carbon electrode

Also contains definition of: graphite electrode
An electrode for an electrical application. In its green state it comprises @G02682@ material bound with @P04677@. The @G02682@ material may be either @N04095@, fine-grained or @I03353@ @C01142@ or reclaimed @G02684@ powder. Electrodes for use in steel production can only be manufactured from @N04095@, and the green electrodes are fired at temperatures above around \(2800\ \text{K}\) to produce highly @G02684@ electrodes. The other @G02682@ materials may be used for aluminium electrodes where the duty is not so severe, and the green electrodes are generally fired to lower temperatures.
See also:
graphitic carbon
graphitization heat treatment
isotropic carbon
In both cases it is essential that the granular carbons and the @P04677@ binders used in the production of the green electrodes have a low sulfur content as the release of sulfur during the high-temperature firing can lead to the production of significant @P04762@.
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