absolute activity, λabsolute lethal concentration (LC 100)absolute lethal dose (LD 100)absorbance, Math - titleabsorbed (spectral) photon flux densityabsorbed (spectral) radiant power densityabsorptance, αabsorption cross-section, σacceleration of free fall, gacceleration, aacceptable daily intake (ADI)acceptor number (AN)actinic flux S λactivation energy (Arrhenius activation energy)activity (relative activity), aactivity coefficient, f,γactivity, Aaffinity of reaction, Aamount concentration, camount fraction, x(y for gaseous mixtures)amount of substance, nangleangle of optical rotation, αangular frequency, Math - titleangular momentum, Latomic mass m aatomic number (proton number), Math - titleattenuance, Dbandgap energy E gbenchmark dose (BMD) and lower effective dose (LED)biochemical (biological) oxygen demand (BOD)biological exposure index (BEI)biological tolerance values for working materials (Biologische Arbeitsstoff Toleranz Werte (BAT))bond-dissociation energy, DBrewster angle, θ Bcapacitance, Ccathodic transfer coefficient, α cceiling value (CV)Celsius temperature, t, θcentrifugal (centripetal) acceleration, a rotcentrifugal force, F rotcentrifugal radius, rcharacteristic mass for integrated absorbance, m 0characteristic mass for peak absorption, Math - titlecharacteristic mass, m ccharge density, ρcharge number, Math - titlecharge number n,ν e,zchemical flux, φchemical oxygen demand (COD)chemical potential, μ Bchemical shift, Math - titleclearance, Δ V Δ tcoherence length, ζcollision cross-section, σcollision density, Z AAcollision diameter, dcollision efficiency, B ccollision frequency, z A Acompression factor, Math - titleconductivity, γ,σcontact anglecorrosion potential, E corcoulomb integral, H rrcoupling constant (spin-spin), Jcritical excitation energy, E qcritical micelle concentrationcritical pressure, p ccritical temperature, T ccurrent densitydecadic absorbance, Adecay constantdegeneracydegree of reaction, Math - titledensity, ρdielectric polarization, Pdifferential capacitancediffusion coefficient, Ddilution rate, Ddisintegration energy, Math - titledissociation energy, E d,Ddistribution ratio, Ddose equivalent, Hdoubling time Math - titledriving force (affinity) of a reaction, Adynamic viscosity, ηefficiency of nebulization, ɛ nefficiency, ηelectric charge, Qelectric coherence length, Math - titleelectric conductance, Gelectric current density, Math - titleelectric current, Ielectric dipole moment, pelectric displacement, Delectric field (strength), Eelectric mobility, u,μelectric polarizability, Math - titleelectric potential, Velectric resistance, Math - titleelectro-osmotic hold-up time, t eoelectro-osmotic mobility, u or μ eoelectrode current density, Math - titleelectrode potential, Eelectrokinetic potential, Math - titleelectromotive force, Eelectrophoretic mobility, μemission anisotropyemittance, ɛenergy storage efficiency, ηenergy, Eenrichment factor, Senthalpy of activation, Math - titleenthalpy, Math - titleentropy of activation, Math - titleentropy, Sextent of reaction, Math - titleextraction factor, D mflow rate of a quantityflow resistance parameter, Φfluence rate, E ofluence, F,Ψ, H 0fluidity, ϕforce, Ffraction extracted, Efrequency, Math - title, Math - titlefrequency, ν,ωfriction factor, μfrictional coefficient, ffugacity coefficient, Math - titlefugacity, Math - title, Math - titlefunctionality, fG valuegain, Ggeneration time, t GGibbs energy (function), Math - titleGibbs energy of activation (standard free energy of activation), Δ ‡ G oGibbs film elasticityheat capacity of activation, Math - titleheat capacity, Math - titleheat flux, J qheat, q,QHelmholtz energy (function), AHuggins coefficient, k Hhydrolysis ratio, r willuminance, E,E vimpact parameter, bimpedance, Zinhibitory concentration (IC)inhibitory dose (ID)inner electric potential, ϕintegral capacitanceinternal absorptance, α iinternal energy, Uinterparticle porosity, ɛinterparticle volume of the column, V 0intrinsic activation energy, E a,iionic conductivityionic strength, Iionic transport number, tionization energy, E iirradiance (at a point of a surface), Ekinematic viscosity, νkinetic energy, E klength, llevel width, Γlifetimelifetime, τlinear strain, ɛ, elocal efficiency of atomization, ɛ alocal fraction atomized, χ a, β alocal fraction desolvated, χ s, β slocal fraction volatilized, χ v, β vluminanceluminous intensity I vmagnetic field strength, Hmagnetic flux density, Bmagnetic flux, Φmagnetic moment, m, μmagnetic susceptibilitymagnetic susceptibility, χmagnetizability, ξmagnetogyric ratio, γmass concentration, γ, ρmass distribution ratio, k MEKCmass distribution ratio, k MEEKCmass excess, Δmass flow rate, q mmass fraction, wmass number, Amass, mmean free path, λmedian effective concentration (EC 50)median effective dose (ED 50)median lethal concentration (LC 50)median lethal dose (LD 50)median lethal time (TL 50)median narcotic concentration (NC 50)median narcotic dose (ND 50)microscopic cross-section, σ>migration time of micelles, t mcmigration time, t mminimum consumption time, t minminimum lethal concentration (LC min)minimum lethal dose (LD min)mobility (general)mobility, μmodulus of elasticity, Emolality, m, bmolar absorption coefficient, ɛmolar refraction, Rmoment of a force, Mmoment of inertia, I, Jmomentum, pmutual inductance, Mnetwork-chain molar mass, M cneutron number, Nnominal linear flow, Fnormal stress, σnumber concentration, C,nnumber density, nnumber flow rate, q Nnumber of entities, Norder of reaction, nosmolality, mosmotic coefficient, ϕosmotic concentration, cosmotic pressure, Πouter electric potential, ψoverpotential, ηpair correlation length, ξpartial mass density, ρ Bpartition constant, K D opartition ratio, K Dpeak resolution, R speriod, Tpermeability, μpermittivity, ɛpHphase ratio, βphase ratio, rphoton exitance, M pphoton exposure, H pphoton flow, Φ pphoton fluence rate, E p , ophoton fluence, H p , o,F p , ophoton flux, q p,Φ pphoton irradiance, E pphoton number, N pphoton radiance, L pplate number, Npolarizabilitypolarization, Ppolarization, ζpotential energy, E p, Vpower, Ppre-exponential factor, Apressure, pproductivity, rquantum yield, Φradiance, Lradiant (energy) flux, P,Φ [obsolete]radiant energy density, ρ, wradiant energy, Qradiant exitance, Mradiant exposure, Hradiant intensity, Iradiant power, Pradiative lifetime, τ 0rate of conversion, ξ .rate of fluid consumption, q Vrate of reaction, vreactance, Xreaction cross-section, σ rreduced mass, μreflectance, ρrefractive index, nrelative atomic mass (atomic weight), A rrelative density, drelative molecular mass, M rrelative permeability, μ rrelative permittivity, ɛ rrelative retardation, R relrelative retention, rresidence time (hydraulic retention time), t rresidual emission anisotropyresistance, Rresistivity, ρresolving power, Rresponse time, τ Rresponsivity, Rretardation factor, Rretardation factor, R Fretention factor, kretention index, IR M valuerotational correlation time, τ c or θrotational frequency, f rotrotational relaxation time, ρrotational term, Fsaturation fraction, s Bscattering angle, θsedimentation coefficient, sselectivity factor, S fself inductance, Lsensitivity, Aseparation factor, αseparation factor, α A , Bseparation number, SNshear modulus, Gshear strain, γshear stress, τshielding constant, σsolid angle, Ω, ωsolvophobicity parameter, Spspecific activity, aspecific heat capacity, cspecific volume, vspectral fluence rate, E λ , ospectral irradiance, E λspectral photon exitance, M p λspectral photon flow, Φ p λspectral photon flux (photon irradiance), E p λspectral photon radiance, L p λspectral radiance, L λspectral radiant energy, Q λspectral radiant exitance, M λspectral radiant intensity, I λspectral radiant power, P λspectral sensitivity, S λspecular reflectance (reflection factor), ρspeed, v, cspin-orbit coupling constant, Astoichiometric number, νStokes number, Stsubstance fraction, xsurface amount, n s, n asurface charge density, σsurface concentration, Γsurface coverage, θsurface density, ρ A, ρ Ssurface excess concentration (at an interface), Γsurface excess, n σsurface tension, γ, σsymmetry number, sterm, Tthermal conductance, Gthermal conductivity, λthermal resistance, Rthermodynamic temperature, Tthreshold energy, E 0time constant, τ ctime, ttime, ttorque, Ttotal consumption time , t tottotal velocity of the analyte, ν tottransit time, t tstransition wavenumber, ν ˜transmittance, T, τtransport number, ttravel time, t tvturbidity, τvelocity, v,cvibrational term, Gviscosity function, Φvolume flow rate, q vvolume fraction, ϕvolume of activation, Δ ‡ Vvolume strain, θwavelength, λwavenumber, σ, ν ˜weight, Gwork, w,Wyield, Y