enthalpy of activation, Math - title

The standard enthalpy of activationMath - text is the enthalpy change that appears in the thermodynamic form of the rate equation obtained from conventional transition state theory. This equation is only correct for a first order reaction, for which the rate constant has the dimension reciprocal time. For a second order reaction, for which the rate constant has the dimension (reciprocal time) × (reciprocal concentration), the left hand side should be read as Math - ei, where Math - text denotes the standard concentration (usually Math - text).
Math - e
The quantity Math - text is the standard entropy of activation, and care must be taken with standard states. In this equation Math - text is the Boltzmann constant, Math - text the absolute temperature, Math - text the Planck constant, and Math - text the gas constant. The enthalpy of activation is approximately equal to the activation energy; the conversion of one into the other depends on the molecularity. The enthalpy of activation is always the standard quantity, although the word standard and the superscript Math - text on the symbol are often omitted. The symbol is frequently (but incorrectly) written Math - text, where the standard symbol is omitted and the Math - text is placed after the Math - text.
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