reflectance, \(\rho\)

Also contains definitions of: reflectance factor, reflectivity
Fraction of incident radiation reflected by a surface or discontinuity, \(\rho(\lambda) = \frac{P_{\lambda} ^{\textrm{refl}}}{P_{\lambda} ^{\textrm{0}}}\), where \(P_{\lambda}^{\textrm{0}}\) and \(P_{\lambda}^{\textrm{refl}}\) are, respectively, the incident and reflected @S05828@.
The reflectance for a beam of light normally incident on a surface separating two materials of refractive indices \(n_{1}\) and \(n_{1}\) is given by \[\rho(\lambda) = \frac{\left ( n_{1} - n_{2}\right )^{2}}{\left ( n_{1} + n_{2} \right )^{2}}\] Reflectance increases as the @A00346@ of incidence decreases from 90 degrees.
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