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IUPAC - Schulz–Zimm distribution (S05502)

Schulz–Zimm distribution

In an assembly of macromolecules, a continuous distribution with the differential @M03716@ of the form: \[f_{\text{w}}(x)\ \text{d}x = \frac{a^{b}\,+\,1}{\varGamma\left(b\,+\,1\right)}\ x^{b}\ \text{e}^{-a\ x}\ \text{d}x\] where \(x\) is a parameter characterizing the @C00956@, such as @R05271@ or @D01569@, \(a\) and \(b\) are positive adjustable parameters, and (\(\mathit{\Gamma}\left(b+1\right)\)) is the gamma function of (\(b+1\)).
Purple Book, 1st ed., p. 56 [Terms] [Book]