carbon fibres type IM
Carbon fibres type IM (intermediate modulus) are related to @C00834@ because of the comparable values of tensile strength, but are characterized by greater stiffness (@M03966@ up to approximately 35% of the theoretical \(C_{11}\) value).
The tensile modulus (@M03966@) varies between ca. \(275\) and \(350\ \text{GPa}\), but the disposition of the boundaries is somewhat arbitrary. The relatively high ratio of tensile strength to tensile modulus, typically above \(1 \times 10^{-2}\), in carbon fibres type IM, in spite of an increase of @M03966@, requires a further increase of strength, which is achievable by a significant reduction of the monofilament diameter down to about \(5\ \unicode[Times]{x3BC}\text{m}\). Such small filament diameters are typical of carbon fibres type IM.
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