in catalysis
Also contains definitions of: immobilization by adsorption in catalysis, immobilization by inclusion in catalysis, reticulation in catalysis
@E02159@ or cells which are of relatively large size may be entrapped in a maze of @M03667@ molecules (a @G02600@). This procedure is called immobilization by inclusion. When the @B00652@ is enclosed inside a semipermeable @MT06878@, usually approximately spherical, the method is known as encapsulation. In the process of reticulation the primary @B00652@ particles (individual enzyme molecules, @C01128@ or individual cells) are covalently attached to each other by organic chains, into a three-dimensional @NT07562@. The term grafting is also used in this context. @A00512@ to the support by adsorption forces is called immobilization by adsorption.
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