Quantity characterizing the equilibrium of a chemical reaction and defined by an expression of the type \(K_{x}=\underset{\begin{array}{c} \text{B} \end{array}}{\Pi }x_{\text{B}}^{\nu _{\text{B}}}\), where \(\nu _{\text{B}}\) is the @S06025@ of a reactant (negative) or product (positive) for the reaction and \(x\) stands for a quantity which can be the equilibrium value either of pressure, fugacity, @A00295@, amount fraction, molality, @R05256@ or reciprocal @A00019@ defining the pressure based, fugacity based, concentration based, amount fraction based, molality based, @R05256@ based or @S05915@ (then denoted \(K^{\unicode{x26ac}}\)), respectively.
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