inherent viscosity

of a polymer
Synonym: logarithmic viscosity number
The ratio of the natural logarithm of the @R05282@, \(\eta _{\text{r}}\), to the mass concentration of the polymer, \(c\), i.e. \[\eta _{\text{inh}}\equiv \eta _{\ln} = \frac{\ln \eta _{\text{r}}}{c}\] The quantity \(\eta _{\ln }\), with which the inherent @V06627@ is synonymous, is the logarithmic viscosity number.
  1. The unit must be specified; \(\text{cm}^{3}\ \text{g}^{-1}\) is recommended.
  2. These quantities are neither viscosities nor pure numbers. The terms are to be looked on as traditional names. Any replacement by consistent terminology would produce unnecessary confusion in the polymer literature.
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