interfacial adhesion
Adhesion in which interfaces between phases or components are maintained by @I03098@ forces, chain entanglements, or both, across the interfaces.
  1. Interfacial adhesion is also referred to as tack.
  2. Adhesive strength (recommended symbol: \(F_{\text{a}}\), unit: \(\text{N m}^{-2}\)) is the force required to separate one condensed @PT07286@ from another at the @I03082@ between the two phase domains divided by the area of the @I03082@.
  3. @I03088-1@ (recommended symbol: \(\gamma\), unit: \(\text{N m}^{-1}\), \(\text{J m}^{-2}\)) is the change in Gibbs energy per unit change in interfacial area for substances in physical contact.
  4. Use of the term interfacial energy for @I03088-2@ is not recommended.
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