morphology coarsening

Also contains definition of: phase ripening
Process by which phase domains increase in size during the aging of a multiphase material.
  1. In the coarsening at the late stage of @P04534@, volumes and compositions of phase domains are conserved.
  2. Representative mechanisms for coarsening at the late stage of @P04534@ are: (1) material flow in domains driven by @I03088@ (observed in a co-continuous @MT07285-1@), (2) the growth of domain size by @E02227@ from smaller droplets and condensation into larger droplets, and (3) coalescence (fusion) of more than two droplets. The mechanisms are usually called (1) Siggia s mechanism, (2) @O04348@ (or the Lifshitz–Slyozov mechanism), and (3) coalescence.
  3. @MT07285-2@ coarsening can be substantially stopped by, for example, vitrification, @CT07136@, and pinning, the slowing down of molecular @D01716@ across domain interfaces.
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