spectral photon radiance, \(L_{\text{p}\lambda}\)

The @P04639@, \(L_{\text{p}}\), at @W06659@ per unit @W06659@ interval. The SI unit is \(\text{s}^{-1}\ \text{m}^{-3}\ \text{sr}^{-1}\), but a commonly used unit is \(\text{s}^{-1}\ \text{m}^{-2}\ \text{sr}^{-1}\ \text{nm}^{-1}\). Alternatively, the term can be used with the amount of photons (mol or its equivalent @E01914@) the SI unit then being \(\text{mol s}^{-1}\ \text{m}^{-3}\ \text{sr}^{-1}\) and the common unit \(\text{mol s}^{-1}\ \text{m}^{-2}\ \text{sr}^{-1}\ \text{nm}^{-1}\).
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