time-resolved microwave conductivity (TRMC)

Technique allowing the quantitative and qualitative detection of radiation-induced changes in the real, \(\Delta \text{Re}\sigma\), and imaginary, \(\Delta \text{Im}\sigma\), components of the conductivity of a medium by time-resolved measurement of changes in the microwave absorption resulting from the formation of mobile charges or from changes in the @D01761@ or @P04711@ of molecules on excitation.
From \(\Delta \text{Re}\sigma\) (corresponding to a change in the dielectric loss, \(\Delta \varepsilon''\)) the product of the yield and the @M03955@ of charges carriers or the @D01761@ change can be determined. From \(\Delta \text{Im}\sigma\) (corresponding to a change in the @R05273@, \(\Delta \varepsilon'\)) the product of the yield and the change in molecular @P04711@ can be determined.
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