transfer activity coefficient, \(\mathit{\gamma}_{\text{t}}\)
A term used to quantify the difference in the @F02515@ of a solute ion in two different standard states often in two different liquid phases. The relationship is \(\Delta _{\text{t}}G^{\,\unicode{x26ac}} = \nu \ R\ T\ \ln \mathit{\gamma}_{\text{t}}\) where \(\Delta _{\text{t}}G^{\,\unicode{x26ac}}\) is the transfer Gibbs energy and \(\nu \) is the number of ions in the solute.
  1. It should not be confused with the mass transfer @C01124@ which represents the specific rate of transfer of a species from one phase to another.
  2. It does not necessarily imply the physical transfer of a solute between two liquid phases.
See also:
partition constant
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