Highest energy continuum of energy levels in a solid that is fully occupied by electrons at \(0\ \text{K}\).
  1. The @V06588@ band is lower in energy than the @C01244@ and is generally completely full in semiconductors. When heated, electrons from the @V06588@ band jump out of the band across the band gap and into the @C01244@, making the material conductive. The @F02341@ separates the @V06588@ band from the @C01244@.
  2. In metals the @V06588@ band is the @C01244@.
  3. Sample characterized by a (unique) sample axis Z with all directions perpendicular to Z being equivalent. In other words, the sample properties are invariant to rotation around Z. Uniaxiality exists in many anisotropic samples and simplifies the interpretation of their spectra considerably.
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